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YCC It's not MAGIC, it's SCIENCE!

Chukker Creek Elementary School Chemistry Demos

YCC held a highly interactive and educational event at Questzone, the after-school program at Chukker Creek Elementary School in Aiken, SC.

Starting with a "magic show" packed with demonstrations, followed by hands on experiments by students themselves with YCC volunteers explaining the science behind the magic. Keywords, sublimation and friction, were used to reiterate scientific terms and concepts.

Experiments included giant soap bubbles with dry ice, assembling a 3-layer density column, skewering a balloon without popping it, inflating a balloon in a bottle, poking a hole through a potato with a straw, and the strength of friction between two notebooks with overlapping pages and the absorbing power of diapers.

The interactive program was a big success and fun for all attendees. As one attendee said, “it’s not magic, it’s science!”


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