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ACS-SR 2018 Brain Teaser Challenge for DOE Science Bowl

The American Chemical Society Savannah River Section (ACS-SR Section) hosted a Brain Teaser Activity in the afternoon of the DOE Science Bowl for the teams that do not qualify for the Double Elimination Round. The Brain Teaser provided an opportunity for the teams to compete against each other and showcase their chemistry knowledge. Prizes were awarded to the teachers of the top three teams.

The ACS-SR Brian Teaser Activity is a series of 7 chemistry themed puzzles that test the students’ logic and reasoning skills alongside their knowledge of chemistry. The puzzles are designed to be fun and test their knowledge of the periodic table, common laboratory equipment, chemistry nomenclature (naming) and common ions, stoichiometry and the mole concept and radioactive half-life and decay.

This year South Carolina Governor’s School Team #1 placed first with 224 total points, Nation Ford High School Team #2 came in second with 213 points and Westminster School Team #1 was third with 198 points.

The vision of ACS-SR Section is to enhance the quality of life in the Central Savannah River Area through knowledge and excitement for chemistry. One of the goals of the ACS-SR is to be the CSRA community’s “go to” resource for chemistry outreach. The Brain Teaser is a great activity to share our love of chemistry with some of the best and brightest high school students in the CSRA.

A big thank you to John Steimke, Aaron Washington, Gabrielle Connor, Michael Day, and Maria Kriz for their help with the Brain Teaser activity and scoring.

First Place: South Carolina Governor’s School Team #1

Second Place: Nation Ford High School Team #2

Third Place: Westminster School Team #1

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