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YCC Crime Scene Science Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia

March 22, 2018, the Girls Scouts of Historic Georgia in Augusta, GA earned thir STEM badge with help from the.

A theft victim asked the Girl Scouts to identify the burglar out of three suspects using evidence from the scene of the crime.

The girls were given envelops with evidence and worksheets to guide them to solve the crime.

They visited 5 different stations, evaluated evidence from the theft, and used all of their senses to earn their badge.

YCC volunteers assisted with fingerprint analysis, sound identification from an audio recording, acid/base determination of an unknown stain, DNA extraction, detection of a hidden message in invisible ink, and identification of the thief’s pen using ink chromatography.

The students summarized the results of their investigation in a worksheet. The event concluded with the students gathering in a group and discussing the identity of the culprit before the answer was revealed.


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