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2018 SPR Update

SRLS Strategic Planning Retreat- Update

The Strategic Planning Retreat (SPR) team worked together at the retreat in February to developed seven specific strategies for our three goals that can started in the next 6 months to help the ACS-SR Section achieve its goals. We also identified the need for a Special Operational Strategy regarding communications. Each strategy has a Champion from the SPR team who is responsible for guiding the strategy towards completion.

The SPR Team is making progress on getting our strategies off the ground for each of the 3 goals. We are looking for ACS-SR members to get involved with the local section and become members of the team for several of the goals/strategies.

The following Strategy Champions are looking for volunteers to be part of the team that helps with the planning and direction of the various activities. Please contact the Champion if you wish to get involved!

The specific goals and strategies our ACS-SR Section are:

Goal 1: To expand personal and professional services for local section members.

G1 Strategy 1: Host at least two technical meetings each year.

G1 Strategy 2: Starting June 1, 2018, publicize the ACS national member tools and sources via social media.

G1 Strategy 3: Hold a minimum of two social networking/ mentoring events for all members per year.

Goal 2: To be the community’s “go to” resource for chemistry outreach.

G2 Strategy 1: Compile a comprehensive electronic database of CSRA high school chemistry teachers in the next 4 months. Update the database yearly and provide yearly update to Executive Committee at meetings.

G2 Strategy 2: Organize 2 to 4 yearly public outreach events to reach the public where they already are (i.e. bars, grocery stores, farmers markers, etc).

G2 Strategy 3: Increase social media presence and advertising through website, emails, Facebook, Twitter, school flyers, libraries.

Goal 3: To increase environmental and safety awareness through ethical and responsible activities.

G3 Strategy 1: In 6-12 months, set up a publishing team to communicate topical science (environmental and safety) across our social media platforms.

G3 Strategy 2: Apply for an ACS Innovative Program Grant by 2019 to work with other local sections on a(n) event(s) relating to environmental and safety awareness.

Special Operational Strategy is to build a communications team by 4/1 and develop a communications plan by 6/1.


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