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ACS-SR Spring Dinner Meeting with Guest Speaker Dr. Vahid Majidi

On Tuesday, May 15th at the Willcox, the newly appointed Executive Vice President and Director of the Savannah River National Laboratory, Dr. Vahid Majidi discussed the Future Plans for Programs and Activities at SRNL. The audience comprised of 33 guests from a variety of backgrounds to include ACS-SR members, YCC members, AIChE members, biologists, as well as several local University Professor/ Representatives.

Some of the Committee Members present were able to grab a picture with Dr. Majidi. Included in the picture were Dr. Vahid Majidi (Guest Speaker), Ashlee Swindle (Chair), Paul Beaumont (Chair-Elect), Maria Kriz (Past-Chair), Kathryn Taylor-Pashow (Membership Chair), Chris Bannochie (Counselor), Katie Heroux (Alternative Counselor), Brent Peters (Public Relations/Publications Editor), Thanh-Tam Truong (YCC Co-Chair), and Kaitlin Lawrence (YCC Co-Chair).

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