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AIChE & ACS-SR Joint SRP Night out at the Ballpark

A Night at the Park: Greenjackets Baseball Game at the new SRP Park

On May 10, 2018, a joint event with the Central Savannah River Section of the AIChE and the ACS-SR was held at the newly constructed SRP Park in North Augusta, SC to watch some minor league baseball; Augusta Greenjackets vs. Rome Braves. It was a hot and sunny day but fortunately, the new stadium’s construction provided a lot of relief from the afternoon sun with plenty of shade. The game was sold out for the third game of the four-game series; the Greenjackets won 15-1 over the Braves, bringing the series count to 2-1 for the Braves. 2018 is the Inaugural Season for the Greenjackets at SRP Park and is really worth a visit!

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