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Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

On June 02, 2018, members and non-members of the ACS-SR gathered on the warm and sunny Saturday morning for the second, of four, annual “ACS-SR Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up” event of 2018, clearing trash along Whiskey Rd. in Aiken, South Carolina.

The weather proved to be much nicer than the previous two weeks of rain, and the ground surprisingly was dry. The group of eight volunteers collected approximately 20 bags of trash and a few large bits of debris too large for the trash bags over the course of nearly 1.5 hour, working the northern end of the road to Petite Street. The group was pleased to find that the amount of litter along Whiskey Rd. was in much lower quantities than what has been collected during past clean-ups, so “thank you” to all the people that driving along this stretch of road for not littering! And of course, “Thank you” to all the volunteers that helped to clean and maintain the ACS stretch of Whiskey Rd!

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