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Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

ACS-SR Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up (3 of 4)

On August 25, 2018, members and non-members of the ACS-SR gathered for a third time this year to participate in the “ACS-SR Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up” event, clearing trash along Whiskey Rd. in Aiken, SC. As expected for late August, the weather was hot and sunny, but it was manageable. The group of five volunteers collected 12 bags of trash and a few larger articles left over from the road construction.

Based on the progressively smaller quantities of trash collected over the last few events, it’s beginning to suggest that our efforts combined with that of the community are starting to make a difference along Whiskey Road, so “Thank you again” to all the people that driving along this stretch of road for not littering! And of course, “Thank you” to all the volunteers that helped to clean and maintain the ACS-SR stretch of Whiskey Rd!

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